Women's Nightshirt | Dream Big
Women's Nightshirt | Dream Big

Nightshirt - Dream Big

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Our womens nightshirts, pajamas, sleep pants, and loungewear will make getting out of bed that much harder. Loungewear made from the best quality fabric blends for maximum comfort and styles that last. Womens pajamas and sleep pants come in classic designs and fun prints to maximize your self expression. Joe Boxer Canada, around since 1985, is made of a diverse and collective breed from all across this great nation. Men, women, and kids should be free to express themselves through their underwear. We spread heavy on the irreverence, dial up the play, and constantly seek the spontaneous. Weنَ»re fully alive, no matter what. Itنَ»s why we wear such colourful, fun prints on our underwear and loungewear. Itنَ»s our way to truly express who we are at all times whether itنَ»s Tuesday or Thursday or weنَ»re sporting a suit or playing soccer, it doesnنَ»t matter. Each pair of high quality underwear and pajamas reflect who we are and weنَ»re not afraid to show it. Why? Because weنَ»re not afraid to be ourselves - our alive, wild, free wheelinنَ» selves. Underwear, loungewear, sleep sets, and pajama styles available for men, women and kids, in our classic designs and new prints. Our unique prints are always refreshed and seasonal, to make sure you can always express yourself the way you want to. Shop the Dream Big womens nightshirts, sleep pants, and loungewear from Joe Boxer Canada and you'll never want to get out of bed. Always high quality, 95% Cotton / 5% Spandex


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